A Spirit of Fraud: An Occult Thriller Set in 1876


It is 1876. Under the apparent direction of the Archangel Uriel, a secret British occult brotherhood, the Ancient and Exemplary Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross, moves to seize a virtually defenseless America in the fading months of the Grant administration. First blinded by GRC personnel placed in key government positions, then with his actions paralyzed by widespread corruption, President U.S. Grant is unaware of the growing lethal presence of the GRC.

Only Annie Eva Fay, who in just six years has gained renown as the premier American spirit medium, discovers the chilling presence of Uriel’s minions. Annie gains the support of the Pinkerton Agency after she saves the life of their rookie operative, Aaron Levin, from a GRC attack. Annie and Levin work to combine Annie’s unique contacts and insights with Pinkerton resources to finally confront the GRC and its enigmatic leader, Lord John Acre, in a New York warehouse owned by the GRC, and stocked with weapons and explosives.

But Annie Eva Fay is a con woman, her spirits a fake. She creates convincing psychic illusions that have allowed her to live well, her childhood experience living as almost a slave a far memory. Annie will do anything to keep that degrading memory from ever becoming real again.

And the GRC, the presence of Uriel, is it also a fake?

Several of the characters in the novel are historical, including Annie Eva Fay, President U. S. Grant, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Robert Allan Pinkerton … and the Ancient and Exemplary Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross.

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