The Georgia Wonder – Lulu Hurst and The Secret That Shook America


In 1884, fifteen year old Lula (later Lulu) Hurst discovered that she could apparently set aside the laws of physics at will. Leaving her home in Cedar Valley, Georgia, she went on stage to demonstrate her “Power”. Billed as the Georgia Wonder or the Georgia Magnet, Lulu apparently exuded a mysterious power that prevented men much stronger than her from moving her or from resisting her. In a typical situation, with one hand, Lulu threw a Sumo wrestler off the stage at Warrick’s Theatre in New York. Two years later, Hurst abruptly retired having earned the equivalent of a million dollars and never looked back. The Georgia Wonder examines her career and includes the complete text of her now rare Autobiography, published in 1897. In the appendix of the book, the complete Hurst act is taught along with explanations of other feats from scarce periodicals. This book is now out of print. An ebook edition is in the planning stage.

Available from Hermetic Press.