The Indescribable Phenomenon – The Life and Mysteries of Anna Eva Fay


genie_226x227“Barry, your book is a delightful read that made the entire period jump alive for me in my thoughts — and I learned a lot too! Congratulations on a marvelous biography. I was actually sad when I finished because it was over.”
Eugene Burger
Author, Philospher, Sorcerer.

“The Indescribable Phenomenon  offers a rare glimpse behind the seance curtain into the motives and methods of one who succeeded more than most.

Highly readable …”
Peter Lamont
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

In 1914, magician Harry Houdini called Anna Eva Fay “… the greatest female mystifier”; while detective Allan Pinkerton in 1877 had described her as “… a woman possessing a terribly fascinating power and capable of any devilish human accomplishment”. They were both right. Blonde, blue-eyed and only five feet tall, Anna Eva Fay was the quintessential con woman. She became acclaimed as the greatest American spirit medium and, when the profitability of the ghosts declined, in 1894 she went on the vaudeville stage to become an icon of early American show business. On her death in 1927, Anna Eva Fay was eulogized in the New York Times. The Indescribable Phenomenon tells the full story of Anna Eva Fay for the first time.

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