A Spirit of Fraud

A Spirit of Fraud, an occult thriller set in 1876, is just out on Kobo. A British occult brotherhood, The Ancient and Exemplary Order of the Golden and Rosey Cross, is planning to seize America in the waning months of the Grant Administration. President Grant is blinded by the members of the GRC placed in the White House and by the corruption of his administration. Only Annie Eve Fay, the premier spirit medium in America, detects the lethal presence of the archangel Uriel’s followers. Annie is a con woman and her spirits are fake. The reader will be beside her as she creates her psychic illusions and matches her courage and talents against the killers of the GRC. Historical characters in addition to Anna Eva, who appear in A Spirit of Fraud are President Grant, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Robert Alan Pinkerton, and others. The novel and  the biography of Annie Eva Fay, The Indescribable Phenomenon, are both described in the Books and CD’s section.

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