Review of Beyond The Tempest

A review of Beyond The Tempest appeared in the January 9, 2016, issue of Kings River Life.  The review catches the mood of the novel very well and raises one of the key questions of the novel’s heroine, Kaarin Larssen:

“She begins to doubt her humanity when she sees faces that can’t be seen and knows facts that she hasn’t been told.What could she be if she isn’t human?”

With the Atlantic paradise of Bermuda as both background and an involved character, Kaarin must answer that key question even as she is targeted by killers, again and again.

To read the whole review go to:

The reviewer’s final comment regarding the large role of the islands themselves in the story, was very satisfying. My objective was to do a story where Bermuda was not just a painted backdrop to a standard thriller, but a vibrant character where situations were happening solely because it was Bermuda.




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