Tall Paul

In writing a novel, particularly, it seems, one of historical fiction that back stories, sub-plots, and other plot enhancements come up that after a further chapter or two, the author realizes that instead of advancing the overall novel, the secondary developments actually side track the whole endeavor. Such was the story of Tall Paul which appeared in the first draft of Chapter 4 of Pi Ying Xi: The Shadow Play, the third novel in my Adventures in Second Sight series. It seemed to be a way of developing my young heroine Kyame Piddington’s background for a reader who had not read the first two novels that are up on Amazon. But in moving on to Chapters 5-6, it appeared that while Tall Paul was a most interesting character, his back story stopped the novel in its tracks, and the reader finally getting to Chapter 5 would begin to wonder what the novel was about. Thus I pulled Tall Paul out, re-wrote the first four chapters, and Chapter 5 is now back in-progress (in Cairo as it turns out, not San Francisco).
Thus I rewrote “Tall Paul” as a stand-alone short story that is now scheduled to appear on Kings River Life Magazine on January 30, 2016 . There was still enough material developed for the Tall Paul back story, that even a second short story might be possible — which shows just how far off the tracks Tall Paul had taken the novel.
But it was still fun.

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