Time and the Thought Reader

The seventh story in my Stuart C. Cumberland series of mysteries, “Time and the Thought Reader”, will appear in the February 4 issue of Kings River Life Magazine (  It is a different take on the time travel story in which the entire story changes completely on one word, spoken by H. G. Wells, who else. Using an historical personage as protagonist can create some plot limitations, but fortunately thought readers, as the Amazing Kreskin once told me, tend to become involved in bizarre situations. I have, perhaps, pushed that comment to its limits. I am planning a second collection of Cumberland stories, tentatively called Travels of a Thought Reader, loosely planned for this Summer.  A Cumberland novel is also in-progress.

I have two other novels in-progress that are now taking all the time available. One, The Man Who Loved Joan of Arc, set in 1988, has drawn me back into the depths of my earlier research into the French Resistance and the French Gestapo. I have stood on the steps at 93 rue Lauriston in Paris, the headquarters of the French Gestapo, which numbered at the time of D-Day, 32,000 French men and women actively supporting the Nazi occupiers. Vichy was another story. The memory of 93 is still very much alive in France even in the 21st century, as occupants of 93 recently requested their address be changed to 91a, to help erase the brutal memories of what happened in the building during the Occupation, particularly in the cellars. The request was denied saying it would betray the memories of those who had suffered there. The building is currently empty. Completion of the first draft of Joan should be February, then a rewrite, then off to the agents and see what happens.

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